Hello, I'm Lily! I was born and raised in a small city called Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The world I grew up in was always warm and filled with happy people, but as a Dominican-born Korean, growing up between different cultures sure wasn’t easy. Naturally this has had an effect on me. In my case, it has allowed me to develop a much broader perspective and understand life and the world around me. It has also helped me live and expect the best of all possible worlds.

The first time I remember noticing graphic design was in middle school, when I attended a one-day summer Photoshop class. However, I actually made the decision to go into design as a career when I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and realized I needed to find my true passion. I truly wanted “to do art.” So currently I am in the Communication and Interactive Design Program at NOVA. Right now, my style tends toward clean, simple and minimal, but I hope to experiment with other endless styles that are out there.

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